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Clapham College - 1968 Intake

This is a not an official site for Clapham College. It's just a handy way of inviting the guys on the following class lists to a 'Class of '68' get-together from time to time. The names below refer only to those who started at the school as uncertain 11-year-olds in September of 1968.

If you'd like to be notified when something gets arranged, then we'll need some contact details for you - preferably an email address and phone number.

If your name is in blue then we think we've already got some contact details for you, but they may not be current so please click your name and send us the latest.

If your name is in red then we have no contact details for you. Please click your name and send us the latest.

(Please Note! Clicking these name links will not provide any contact details for these people - for obvious reasons of privacy - but will provide an easy way for you to send contact details to be added to an 'invitations' list.)

Please Help to keep this list current & accurate by adding or updating contact details for anyone listed here. Click a name and send us details. Also, some names are missing and others are probably misspelled ... send us additions or corrections here.

'Alpha' Class
John Burke
Paul Butler
Tony Casey
Gerard Costello RIP
Paul Cousins
Brendan Duffy
Gerard Felix
Jerry Foran
Maurice Goldwater
Tony Greaney
Richard Harris
Dave Hefer
John Hickland
Maurice Kelly
Paul Laforte
Jan Luba
Peter Martin
Peter McCabe
John McGarahan
James McGowan
Kevin McKenna
Mick McLoughlin
John Meaney RIP
Phil Mobbs (Barrington)
Robert Murphy
David O'Flynn
Mickey Reape
(?) Secombe
Adrian Smallman RIP
Sean Sullivan
Edward Szwed
Stewart Wilkes RIP

'A' Class
Rudy Bright
John Carroll
Tony Champion
Desmond Connell
Paul Corcoran
Ged Craig RIP
Joe Davorn
James Doran
Tony Farnazi
Chris Hart
'Rink' Hrynevitch
Terry Hughes
Ian Josland
Bronislav Kamienski
John Kelly
Stephen Kennedy
Ian Macpherson
Dermot McCabe
Joe McElligott
Paul Merker
Lawrence Milligan
Kevin Monaghan
Barry Murphy
Robert O'Brien
Anthony O'Shea
Andrew Osecki
Eamonn Pellican
Andrew Reda
Paul Taylor
Paul Thomas
Jimmy Thornton
Stephen Wichtowski

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