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1968 - 1975 Gallery

It's hard trying to recall classmates from 30-plus years ago. To jog memories we've dug out some (often bad) photos of a few people back then. The selection is small and some are presently 'out of contact'. If you have ANY better pictures of yourself, or any other class members from that time, then contact us and we'll add them.

Pictures of the school and some teachers may bring also back a few memories, good or bad.

Back in the '70s

John Burke Gerard Costello Ian Josland Peter McCabe, John Hickland Peter Martin
John Meaney (sadly RIP now), Peter McCabe, Phil Mobbs John Meaney (sadly RIP now), Toby O'Shea, Paul Thomas Kevin Monaghan
Ed Szwed  John Carrol, Paul Taylor Eamon Pellican Rob O'Brien
Dermot McCabe Robert Murphy Paul Corcoran James McGowan Micky Reape
brian sanders (?) brennan terry clegg colin garvey jake ritchins

2006 School Meeting and Reunion

Paul Cousins, Phil Mobbs, Gerard Felix, Jan Luba, Laurence Milligan - 2006

January 2009 - COXA's Chairman's Lunch at The Oval

Richard Harris, Michael McLoughlin, Jan Luba, Laurence Milligan, Kevin McKenna, Phil Mobbs Richard Harris, Jan Luba, Phil Mobbs Kevin McKenna, Dermot McCabe

June 2009 - Drink at Market Porter, London Bridge

Jan Luba, Ian Josland, Steve Kennedy, Tom McKenna, Sean Sullivan Sean Sullivan, Micky McLoughlin
Rob O'Brien, Kev McKenna, Alan O'Brien Paul and Dave Corcoran, Dermot McCabe
Paul Corcoran Steve Kennedy Dermot McCabe Ian Josland Jan Luba

September 2009 - Drink at Market Porter, London Bridge

Jim McGowan Kev McKenna Ian Josland Richard Harris Sean Sullivan
Kami(enski) Micky McLoughlin Tom McLoughlin Joe McGelligott John Carroll
Joe Davorn Emily and Joe Josland
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