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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the reason for this web site?

A: To act as an information-gathering point for 'old boy' contact information, so that invitations can be sent out about the occasional social reunion. That's it really.

Background to the idea: There was a Clapham College school reunion in the summer of 2006. It was held at the old school grounds, and partners and children attended. Among numerous attendees was a group from the 1968 intake. As it was such a good day, it was tentatively suggested that other get-togethers might be arranged, to which all former classmates might be invited. However, it was quickly realised that after 30 years of separation there are a lot of old classmates for whom no contact details now exist. Many have disappeared completely. Some seem to be living abroad. Some may be living in purposeful isolation in a remote burrow.

In the absence of any current data, one of the more efficient ways of getting in touch with the 'long-lost' seemed to be to let them find us. Hence the idea to list the old '68 class registers on the internet and see if any old classmates got in touch, perhaps from having searched for their own names, or that of the school, on Google.

Q: Whose contact details do you want?

A: Well, it would be nice to send an invitation to everyone who was in the 1968 intake, so the simple answer must be 'Everyone for whom no details currently exist'. Those without current contact details are listed in Red on the home page.

By the way, this is just a casual reunion idea, not a formal event. A chance to grab a beer and a bite, have a chat, share a memory or two, and catch up. Oh ... and to find out some interesting facts about former members of staff, as we did at the 2006 reunion, that may put a different perspective on your recollection of how they treated you.

If everyone gets an invitation, then the choice of attendance is up to them.

Q: What will you do with their contact details if I send them in?

A: Er ... first write them down on a piece of paper. Then send out a notification (preferably by email) when someone gets around to arranging another get-together. Er ... that's it.

Q: Who's organising the event and the collection of contact details?

A: Whoever agrees to help out. The majority of the people marked in Blue on the Home page are behind the idea of having a reunion meeting of some kind. The few tasks to date have been shared out among volunteers from that group.

Q: So this site isn't a centralised 'swtichboard' for a virtual community that facilitates online discussion, the collation of extensive memorabilia, and inter-member communication via integrated and anonymised web mail?

A: Sorry, no ... have you got time for that? This is intended to be a pretty passive site, just a simple way for people to get in touch and allow themselves to be notified about anything that gets arranged. Beyond that, you'll have to attend the event to get your dose of 'inter-member communication'.

Q: How is the Clapham College Old Boys' Association (C.O.X.A.) getting on?

A: Very well. Flourishing under present management. You can find information about them here.

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