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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the reason for this web site?

A: Just to gather current 'old boy' contact information, so that info can be sent out about the occasional social reunion. That's it really.

There was a Clapham College school reunion in the summer of 2006. It was held at the old school grounds, and partners and children attended. As it was such a good day, it was suggested that other get-togethers for the 'Class of '68' might be arranged, but after 40 years of separation there are a lot of old classmates for whom no contact details now exist. Some have disappeared completely. Some seem to be living abroad. Some may be living in purposeful isolation in a remote burrow. Some may still be embarrassed about the flares they were wearing at school. If you fancy a pint at some stage, send in some contact details.

Q: Whose contact details do you want?

A: Anyone who was in the 1968 intake. Click a name on this page and send us some details.

By the way, this is just for casual drinks, not a formal event - a chance to grab a beer and a bite, have a chat, share a memory or two, and catch up.

Q: How is the Clapham College Old Boys' Association (C.O.X.A.) getting on?

A: Very well. Flourishing under present management. You can find information about them here.

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